One phrase vs ten digits!

So there I was ...

Friday night, down the pub, getting wasted and having a riot. I'm chatting up this hot chick.

It's all going rather swimmingly,though i'm getting carried away with the moment and having fun..

And suddenly I realise ...

Shit! last bus in ten minutes!

No time to get her digits,

But I don't want to lose out on this prime opportunity, what do I do, what do I do?

Not much, until now ..

You see the problem with normal methods (such as writing down a phone number) of distributing contact details is that they are time consuming. If you are in a rush to get somewhere, then this is no good. Also, with social media, there are quite a few different ways to be in contact. Not just e-mail, not just phone number.

It can all get rather complicated

With you just utter one quick/more memorable phrase (such as ""), and it displays all of them!

It's a free web-page with all your contacts (like social media) in one place. Like my one @ here :>

And it's as easy as plug and play.

It's a real world way of bringing people closer together :)

So now, thanks to this web-site you just utter one quick/more memorable phrase (E.G:!

and *BOOM*

No more lost opportunity!
Simples :)

Sure, you could just as easily buy a business card, but they cost money, and this is completely free so why the hell not?

to register now (it's free)!

OR ...

[CLICK HERE] to sign-in. :)

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